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I have been working with Energy Medicine for years to assist clients on their journey of awakening and wellness. Trained in various energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Attuned Crystal Light Bed Facilitator, Angel Oracle Psychic & Intuitive Channeling,  Mediumship, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.  I've developed my ability to tune into your energy field to assist you in balancing your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Many souls are experiencing a "spiritual awakening"  right now.  A deeper calling to understanding self and one's path.  

My own journey into this work was a calling which started as a subtle spiritual awakening back in 2012.  But then in 2014, I started to really feel that I was here to do more.  It was a time when my hubby was experiencing some major health issues. I believe that was the catalyst to activating my inner healer. Since then, I continue to do my personal deep inner work with many Healers, taken tons of self development courses and honing my skills.  I was seeking to understand my innate gifts and to explore more layers of self. 

The name "Crystal Light Temple" was an inspiration  from ancient times when there were Crystal Pyramid Light Temples. I am deeply connected to the upward pyramid toward heavenly realms.  We were once very enlightened beings who commune in these temples. 

Healing is a beautiful journey and takes time. It is actually us wanting to improve on ourselves so that we can serve better.  Perhaps we have traumas . Maybe it's clarity we're seeking, perhaps we need to release something, sometimes we need to be shown something.  I am honored and humbled  to hold space for you and be of service.  God graces the healings.  One thing I learn is that we can be "work in process' and still assist others also.  There are so many layers to healing and if we allow the unfolding, we will witness the beauty. 

Are you hearing the call ?

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You are safe, you are wanted, you are needed, you are loved.

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